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  1. should have crossed the streams sooner
  2. Wow. We went to NOLA and Nashville, and Chicago the summer before, I found them distinctly different from each other, and from Southern Ontario, the place I'm most familiar with. I find the states feels more dangerous than I found Toronto to be, that said, if you know the wrong folks in Toronto, you can find a lot of trouble. My main concern was the prevalence of weapons in the States mostly, but the same problem can come up if you are in the wrong place in any big city it seems. I'd describe it like this... New Orleans is poor and black, so if you are uncomfortable with black folks stay
  3. I was in NOLA for the first time this past september and I am absolutely without question trying to find an excuse to move to that city for the rest of my days. That lineup is incredible! P.E. Crazy!
  4. Lobster claw harmonica still in the original package!?!?!?!? what??
  5. HA! but now....i get the best of both worlds' date=' an OCMS show on the friday and the wedding of a good buddy on saturday. [/quote'] And now after having self-wedding'd-ing myself redemption comes in the form of... my wife?!?!?!? I wake up this morning and last night while working a night-shift she decided to book tickets to something truly awesome... after we spend six nights in New Orleans we're heading to Nashville to attend the induction of OCMS into the Grand'Ole Opry!!!! First Lady of Giv'er ftw, yo. :dazed:
  6. Anyone see the short on Dominican Baseball players dying from roids the other day on the Ceebs? Good piece. Apparently we need more of that kind of journalism.
  7. Did that kid at 1:35 land on his face, cause the rest of the video sure did. amazing... so funny
  8. Your right. Why have laws apply to sports at all? We should let all sports be bloodsports... sounds just as reasonable as letting a bunch of poor kids chase the dream of a giant contract and then telling them that they should do drugs to help them compete. Roller, you're being an ass. It's not just the successful dudes who do drugs. There's a whole bunch of fucked up bro's who need a bunch of fucked up health care because they really thought they could make it, and took that route, only to find they still fell short and now, luckily, they get to remember all of their efforts (which btw w
  9. Thanks brother. That goes good with coffee.
  10. but while I was visiting Victoria over the past week for a conference I had occasion to meet an interesting man. His name is Michael Asch, and he is the son of the man who founded Folkways records. About ten of us were having a meeting at his house and we had just finished talking when my close friend Josh whispered into my ear that Michael's wife was willing to bring us down to the basement to see the collection. I gasped, nodded slowly, and then I was led down a set of somewhat rickety steps into an archive the likes of which I don't expect to see again soon. Along a wall about fifteen f
  11. I can't figure out how to copy the image right now cause im in a hurry but crynaldo looks so flipping scared in the pic DB 2.0 posted above... He looks so horrified! That's fucking hilarious! What would he do if he was a basketball player?
  12. Me and karma have a deal. Karma leaves me alone, and I leave karma alone. Me and Geddy tend to roll with circumstance and free will, but again, carry on.
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