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  1. I got into The MMPC last year and enjoyed catching up on all the back episodes. Some really funny moments over the years. I also listen to Marc's WTF and have recently gotten into Norm Macdonald's podcast. NPR's How to Do Everything is good for brushing up on nerdy conversational fodder.
  2. Thanks KevO. Certainly a time and place for that jazz.
  3. Phew! I don't have to pick a new favorite a show!
  4. I'm somewhere between need and want really bad on this.
  5. Happy birthday IFA!!! Super proud of all involved.
  6. I dont have a list off the top of my head but I see Buckethead has been busy this year! 39 albums so far.
  7. Thank you, Velvet and yr'lady for such a great reading adventure! The 'select all> speak' option on my phone brought on a first for me: cutting my lawn and listening to your travel log... And not just that; shedding tears as I mowed away, listening to the tale of your experience at the Phil Leah Jerry day experience. So moving. The grass has been growing since then. It's getting shaggy around here. I have a few more entries to catch up on and I look forward to travelling home from work tmrw being taken along for the ride!
  8. Hi are the tickets still available? I want to go.
  9. That is sad news. I love him.
  10. I'll be out of town dj'ing a friend's thirteen year old son's birthday party. Maybe I can make it back for the last bit of the show!
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