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    Epic Covers

    Well, THIS guy is at least coming to TO in Dec! Just heard this the other day for the first time, which blew my mind given J recorded this over 5 years ago! Thanks, @backbacon!!!
  2. fluffhead77

    Epic Covers

    Pretty pumped to see this lady at Outlaw Music Fest in a couple weeks! Edit: F&*K... she's not on the TO leg of the tour
  3. This person is a comic genius. Also... HI everyone! Been a while... *waves
  4. Gonna try some waffle cut fries + nachos + veggies and dip... I need a meat course though.
  5. fluffhead77


    Well said, Todd! May have to dig that out on Phish.in this afternoon.
  6. I've wanted this book for a while now. I think I need to finally get off my ass and go grab it!
  7. I, for one, welcome our new Icelandic overlords.
  8. Sounded decent from what I heard - def. room to grow as the tour wears on. Glad POG and Jaybone were there to represent the skank!
  9. So does that mean MMJ is now not in the headlining spot for Saturday? Would much rather see MMJ close it out on Sat. First world problems, though...
  10. Why, b/c they're literate and don't fancy a sheep?
  11. Oh yeah, definitely good to see Donna with them. Hearing her on the other hand is always an exercise in extreme patience. Serenity now... JM, however, is a fantastic addition to this band and you've really seen his playing open up in the 8-9 months that he's been playing and touring with them. Much more fluid playing, and he seems less reliant on such a bluesy sound as he was when he first started. Love this.
  12. Oh man!! I would LOVE to see this!
  13. fluffhead77

    Epic Covers

    Who gives a sweet flying fuck about the cover?! Let's just all focus our energy on willing the band to bring this beast back to the stage. God, I miss it.
  14. I like Milner, so we can agree on that, but you're wrong on Townsend. Man is a lightning fast and tires out defenders better than almost anyone, got a decent cross to boot. He does tend to hold on to the ball a little long and his shots aren't always the most accurate, but when he's on, he's on.
  15. Bad call to leave out both Townsend and Drinkwater in favour of Henderson and Wilshire, IMO. Especially Wilshire. He's made of glass and not even close to match fit.
  16. I just shared this on FB, I figured maybe should live here too... This news today of Gord and his illness has left a pit in my stomach, something altogether fetid. A part of me is going with this and I’m not ready to say goodbye. This man and his band are tied to me in way that few other bands could be. For those that know me well, you know I champion a lot of music and how it has developed into a significant driving theme in my life, but this band is different. For what felt like a lot of my youth, I was often the new kid with the weird accent. From being the Yank transplanted to UK, to then the kid with the British accent plonked down in Perth, ON (Lawd ‘ave mercy!). As anyone moving from country to country or town to town can attest, being new is not the easiest thing to slide right into, in fact it still gives me anxiety to this day, but there are some equalizers that help the situation. A few things cut across culture, geography and language and among them, my favourites; food and music. Perth was a tough transition for me - scrawny kid, brit accent, (and dressing me for school in a snowsuit in April didn’t help either, Mom) but one thing that can make a transition easier is having a common thread. The Hip came to be this to me. At age 13, I remember my first Hip encounter… listening to Road Apples at Byron ’ s place, in his tiny room, dancing around like a couple of monkey’s plowing through a case of red bull, to the seizure-inducing atmosphere of the strobe light Byron had recently completed in electronics class. This is forever etched into my brain pan, but it began a relationship with a band that regardless of who you were, or where you were from, at least in my experience, was a band you could pull out of the hat and all could relate to. There was no awkwardness, no uncomfortable things to avoid - just admiration and appreciation for The Hip. Everyone seemed to revel in it. They also proved to be a great comfort and help to me moving on to Brockville when I was 15. Having this tool in my hip pocket, to play and prove that I had something to relate to these new bunch of people, helped assemble the basis of many friendships to which I still hold dear in my life today. Like many things in life, there’s an ebb and flow. The Hip haven;t been in my musical lexicon regularly for quite a few years but I recognize them for their very foundational place in the creation of this mixed up being; yours truly. They were, in a nutshell, both a coping mechanism for my chronically newness and spark for my gregariousness and for that I’ll be forever grateful. 2016 has been a year of upheaval, sadness, shock and awe and it doesn’t appear to be slowing. Today’s news sucker punched me when I wasn’t ready and it’s taking a bit more of a toll than I expected. But this corduroy road isn’t at an end yet. I hope to be out there one last time this summer, with all of you, taking in the sheer brilliance of the best front man Canada ever produced. Calling all to muster that Courage to see Gord off in the fashion he deserves. It couldn’t come a worse time.
  17. This is unbearably sad. One of the best front men ever and omnipresent balladeer of my youth. What a fucking cunt 2016 has been...
  18. Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.
  19. I love me a Bag from Idaho. So good.
  20. yeah, fuck... we missed it and you KevO! We had plans for shopping that needed to be taken care of. Glad it was a good time though!
  21. A mutual friend of theirs passed and they jammed it together last night at the regular New Hope, PA jam night. Mickey has some high praise for Michael - I remember him talking about how much Maggot Brain influenced him in another interview. The results, well... damn fine. Article.
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