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  1. More from Bill Burr Bill congratulated the crowd for "skating" their way to a "parking lot" to see him perform under the hot sun (his last visit here was in the winter and he commented in his podcast on how cool it was that the people of Ottawa go to work wearing skates along the canal). Of course he had to throw some hockey jabs out there and his disdain for the Habs overshadowed any cracks against the Senators. Around the 10 minute mark, Burr realized that he hadn't even started any of his material yet after just freeflowing up to this point, using inspiration from some of the audience
  2. More photos from the show By: Jay McConnery Wednesday night at the 2015 Ottawa Jazz Festival welcomed 80's stalwarts Huey Lewis and the News to the Main stage.. The performance opened with rising, pulsing throb of 'Heart of Rock and Roll' as members of the 'News' took the stage with dramatic accent. Appearing unweathered, both in attire and performance, hot-shot Huey swung across the stage pendulously, rising in unison with the show's choreographed energy. Predictable highlights included Huey's 'Power of Love' and Forefavourite 'If This Is It'. A new guitarist filled the Chris H
  3. More photos It seemed like a recipe for a perfectly combined set of music, a mashup of a New Orleans jazz brass band backing a southern gospel vocal group would be a no brainer but the production was a little unexpected. The show was split up like a showcase for bands, which placed the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the start of the show on half of the stage, with 4 vacant chairs on the other half. It appeared like they would be joined by the Blind Boys after a couple of numbers, but this half of the bill were solo for around 40 minutes. They were warming up the audience, calling them to
  4. [caption id=" align="alignnone" width="1024.0] The Roots - Ottawa Jazz Festival 6-20-2015[/caption] More from The Roots The music schedule on Saturday night at Ottawa Jazzfest was one of those nights stacked with performances. Evenings like this can pull in alot of music lovers, and it was very obvious that it would be a busy night, while it was extremely difficult to find parking as early as 7pm within a 20 minute walk to confederation park. This was most definitely due to the fact that Bruce Cockburn was scheduled to play in the Laurier St. Music Tent at 7:30, which brought it on
  5. More Soul Rebels Photos The Late Night tent at the Ottawa Jazz Festival is always worth stepping into at 10:30. Nearly every night, there will likely be something that will keep the curious around, wind them up and get them dancing until midnight. Last year a fine example of this experience was Lake Street Dive's set. They literally, not figuratively, promised to "come back real soon". It's been 1 year of that broken promise but don't be surprised to see a band from this intimate party turn up on the main stage on a following year. Snarky Puppy, another plywood-dancefloor shaker
  6. The Charlie Hunter Trio featuring Charlie (guitar, bass), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), and Bobby Previte (drums) returned to Ottawa to play the NAC 4th Stage for the winter edition of the Ottawa Jazz Festival. One might assume a very stuffy and elegant affair because "jazz", this was a seriously groovy hour and a half that made sitting in chairs around candlelit tables very difficult for those locked in. It's also sometimes difficult to remember that this is a trio, when everything coming at the ears appears to be coming from a quartet. It's probably not inaccurate refer to them as a quar
  7. It isn't often a musical treat that can easily fit into a common curated list of "greatest live shows ever" comes to a smaller venue like the enduring 175-200 capacity bar, Mavericks in Ottawa. Yet somehow, magically, thankfully, Vintage Trouble were booked there, not long after 2 powerful performances at the Ottawa Bluesfest, by local promoter Spectrasonic . It was clear, after having seen those shows, viewed clips of their , on , or any of the others found on YouTube that picking up a ticket for the event would become a huge priority. The venue was pa
  8. Photos: Mike Bouchard Words: Jay McConnery Sunday, brought Folk Fest’s deserving fans some blue skies and the warmth of autumn sun, reviving weariness with a lineup spilling over with curiosities, sonic gold and various country flavours. Beginning to slip behind in real world responsibilities, I spent the majority of the day completing school work, but made certain to arrive on site in plenty of good time for Philadelphia band: The War on Drugs. Their latest album ‘Lost in the Dream’ has been getting a lot of play on my stereo, and I was ecstatic to hear the production of the l
  9. Photos: Mike Bouchard Words: Jay McConnery Cold as Folk Fest continued Saturday with another diverse line-up of exceptional talent and somewhat uncomfortable muddy, toe-freezing weather. The craft beer tent kept things toasty, as well as it's patron's insides tingly with tasty sample-beers and east coast revelry, but elsewhere on the site, crowds were left to huddle en masse and stay warm by jostling as much as possible. After a day of cold torrential rain, navigation on Saturday was a mucky challenge, but enthusiastic audiences kept the mood jovial and tolerable. As I entered,
  10. Ten degrees C is pretty much the precursor to the feeling of winter. Cold, shivery times that aren't really great for standing around outside. Luckily, a music festival promotes motion to stave off the chills and "Ice Cold Beer" sounds great to the ears but ungloved hands prove that a hot chocolate with a bit of bailey's would be more satisfying (hmmm... hot chocolate and bailey's food truck...someone should write this down for next year) The Ottawa Folkfest, located at Vincent Massy Park, is clearly bigger than it ever was and the organizers seem to have found a great groove in the
  11. Blondie - Photo: Mike Bouchard - at Ottawa Bluesfest By: Jay McConnery Perfect weather and sunny vibes greeted my arrival Thursday afternoon to Bluesfest. The sun roasting my pink crown as I happily sashayed through security with an unwieldy can-shaped bulge in my pants. My clandestine refreshment kept axels cool as I motored between stages, mechanically harvesting as much musical fruit as possible before Blondie was scheduled to perform an hour later. First up, I enjoyed the unique voice of Gary Brooker and his band Procol Harum, accompanied by the NAC orchestra on the Bell Sta
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