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  1. More Photos on Flickr (photos: Mike Bouchard) That's right folks, we're well into festival season now, and arguably the biggest of the O-Town fests got off to a nice, sweaty start last night. Getting from work to the festival is sometimes a bit of a struggle, so the first thing we managed to catch was a short snipet of the Bahamas set. If you walked in when we did, you might not have recognized that it was Afie Jurvanen up on the Black Sheep Stage. Instead of his usual, laid back style of indie-rock, him + band were adding to the sweatfest with a bumping cover of Outkas
  2. Sunday began as the first day of the festival I was able to attend with my family. We arrived on the grounds to a very small and sparse crowd, probably due to the early hour and the weather. It took a while to make it to where I wanted to get to because my boy was slowly taking in all the sights and sounds that were unique to him. As parents, we try to look through our child’s eyes but that becomes more of a presumptuous activity bordering on vanity than anything else. All I can say for sure is that he was very interested in the tuba player doubling as a kick drum while leading a parade around
  3. moe.down 11 - Rob Derhak photo by: Jay Blakesberg Saturday at moe.down by Jake Senger Photos by Jay Blakesberg Saturday morning was a cold and damp one because the temperature had dropped substantially overnight in upstate New York. When the sun did make an appearance Saturday it turned out to be a beautiful day. After making some breakfast and preparing for the day I made my way to the stage to check out the bluegrass band The Punch Brothers. moe.down 11 - Punch Brothers photo by:Jay Blakesberg The Punch Brothers The Punch Brothers were the first M
  4. moe.down 11 Photo by: Jay Blakesberg Friday at moe.down by: Jake Senger Photos: Jay Blakesberg Friday, September 3rd, 2010 marked the opening of the eleventh moe.down festival. moe.down is a annual labour day music festival thrown by the band moe. The past ten moe.down’s had all taken place at Snowridge Ski Resort in Turin, NY. This years installment was held in Mohawk, NY at the Gelston Castle Estate. The change in venues had to give it a different feeling for both the band and it’s fans. We pulled into Gelston Castle around 5:00 pm on Friday to
  5. Craig Finn and Tad Kubler - The Hold Steady The Hold Steady- Ottawa Bluesfest, Subway Stage. Sat. July 17, 2010 By: Sean Taylor Photos: Mike Bouchard (more photos) Its no secret that I am a fan of The Hold Steady. A huge fan even. I think its fair to say that they are probably my favorite band, and although my level of devotion to the band wanes between releases, with each new album I get a fresh jolt of energy and enthusiasm and once again immerse myself in their tales of rock n roll redemption. I get reacquainted with Gideon and Charlegmagne, learn
  6. (Disclaimer- as I sit and write this I am at work, extremely hungover and with a full plate of work today- I have not hung on every word, referred to google, a thesaurus or anything other than my chicken scratch from last night for reference materials. I apologize in advance for any misreporting and for the use of many mono syllabic adjectives……) Susan Tedeschi photo by Dave Barrett By Sean Taylor (more photos) Thanks to an early press time at my day job- I was able to hit Lebreton Flats just after 6 pm with a few cold beers already in my stoma
  7. by Luke C. Bowden Arriving by hook or by crook Wednesday night just in time to roll into Furthur (Grateful Dead core members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh accompanied by dextrous improvisers who've intimately worked up the Dead's vast songbook). Heads from across Canada and North America, some on tour, some catching this one off show didn't quite know what to expect setlist wise based on the dense variation through the Dead's epochs they'd been playing night after night. In the end we got Alabama Getaway as an opener, which for me is a deep omen because to my mind Alabama Getaway (a Dylan song
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