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Live Phish Round Two Releases....


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Not official but apparently perhaps somewhat reliable.

ladies and gentlemen,

Live Phish Round 2:

3/3/89 (a 2 disc set as a portion of the show is not in the band's vault)

12/7/91 (with disc 3 filler from 12/6/91)


12/6/97 (with disc 3 filler from 12/7/97)



There will also be an announcement with this next series of a "Connoisseur Classics" series that will be mail order only. It will focus on the

"special" shows (i.e., New Year's, Halloween and the big outdoor festivals). These shows will be sold via presale only (they won't press many extras beyond pre-orders) and then discontinued. As opposed to the standard Live Phish series, these shows will be mixed and mastered from multi-track FOH ADAT, and will include liner notes by the band that include excerpts from Trey's setlist notebook and Mike's road diaries. The packaging will be standard jewel box for the discs, housed in a cardboard slipcase containing

the liner notes. Each set will be priced individually (as the shows vary significantly in length) and new releases will come out twice each year. The first scheduled release is likely to be 12/31/95, with 10/31/96 to follow later this year. No decision on release Big Cypress has been reached as the cost of an 8 disc set and the packaging involved might be prohibitive--DIO will likely see how the smaller sets sell first before

deciding to proceed with such a massive boxed set.

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