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You don't have to be a Chelsea fan to appreciate this one, but it would help

25th January 2002

Rotten Team, Rotten Fans

I'm getting a fair bit of mainly illiterate stick from suddenly diehard Tootenham "fans", but I reiterate that I have no time for them. If they'd been sticking up for their shit team during the twelve years they failed to beat us they would deserve some respect, but unfortunately that wasn't the case, was it ? These so-called fans and Poyet deserve each other, as they are so alike: inane, characterless arseholes.

24th January 2002

January Sale

A clearout looms at Stamford Bridge, or at least it should judging by the scandalous performance at Three Point Lane last night. Deliberately losing to a shit team like Tottenham just because they don't fancy a trip to Wales is not on. Among the players who should go on the list are Petit, Melchiot, Lampard and Stanic, and not just for last night's woeful underperformance. What a joke - next thing you know Tottenham will be imagining that they're a big club with a good team and decent supporters !

Predictably I've had plenty of armchair Tootenham fans trying to leave crowing messages in my guestbook overnight; I would have a bit more time for these characterless fuckwits if I had heard a squeak from them during the 12 year, 27 game run since their shit team last defeated the Mighty Blues. Talk about sing when you're winning...


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