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The Gym This Morning...


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This morning I was at the gym, been going regularly now for 5 months or so without incident.

Did my usual 10 minute warm up on a bike and then hit the weights. Everything was going smooth, nothing out of the ordinary.

At the end of my workout I always do 30 minutes of cardio on the tredmill - no prob usually. Today was different.

Now there is always a selection of many beautiful women at the gym - its a nice perk and great scenery. On this day though God was good to me. There was a set of twins. I wont go into detail describing them. Lets just say perfection.

So of course they set up right in front of me and start stretching and such. Of course I want to look but I'm a gentleman. So I'm talking to my work out buddy beside me and she starts pointing at the girls and says "look your missing it". So I look straight ahead at the twins. All I can say is they were helping each other stretch in a very intreging position and parts were showing.


I lost all focus and concentration and quickly after that balance. Then "BOOM!!!!" there i am on the gorund. Complete wipe out. Now the funny thing is the gym was pretty dead, but it was great being helped up by the twins and boy did we laugh. Not I'm not sure if they know why I wiped out but I suspect they do. It was worth it though.

Have a good day everyone

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Far be it from me to doubt your integrity, Brad, but there are certain elements of your story that don't add up.

You work out in the morning before 9:00 ?!?!?!?!?!

That's incredible.

Maybe I'm just pissed off because I strained a back muscle pretty bad the other day while putting on a sock.

I was off balance.

I sat through a 3and a half hour concert the night before in very uncomfortable seating.

okay, I'm old...

I guess you'll be working out at the same time, same place every day now, eh? Great story- I don't really doubt you... just kidding around !

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Well, aren't we the lucky one? I'm going to come to Kingston and have a session at that gym one day. I'd really like to see if the twins would like to stretch with me. Maybe a little muscle love lotion would help with the stretching.

Did they actually have to HELP you up? Man, that's quite an icebreaking strategy.

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I got up myself. It's tough Davey Boy, but I dont want a heart attack at 40 and I've shed 20 pounds in the process, more to come I hope. It's also true what they say (whoever they is) once you get going it gets easier and when you dont go you start to miss it. It really wakes me up for the day. Instead of walking into work right out of bed, I've had a good breakfast and got all the juices flowing.

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I'm glad you've hit that place now Brad.

It's always tough the first month or so, but once you hit that place where you actually see progress (download the crosstrainer again www.crosstrainer.ca you won't want to go back.

Actually, once you see negative progress from slacking you'll be pissed and never want to miss another day again.

1 week of missed cardio results in about 30% decline in your performance when you return. Take 2 weeks off, and you'll see a huge drop in your endurance, stamina, and strength.

You shouldn't only weigh yourself either. You should be taking various measurements to gauge your progress. Get one of them tailor measuring tapes. Don't forget to download the crosstrainer and keep track of what you're eating with it.

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did everybody get that?? that's Crosstrainer --- brought to you by Innovative Logic Corporation

Get fit the way you see fit !

great commercial there bouchard! keep it up and maybe we'll sell a few of these extra boxes of cds !


(first animated gif i ever made -- long time ago)

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