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bonnaroo - please read if you are going


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hey all, kristin from brantford here. I'm on the road in the states right now and my last stop will be bonnaroo. unfortunately i don't have a ride home to canada from this festival. I was wondering if anyone from onatrio was going, and if i could possibly catch a ride home?

i'd be more than happy to help out with gas money, and i give a hell of a good back rub! LOL

pease email me if your able to help out. thanks so much guys!


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for the wise crack, i'll try to follow with some helpful info.

check these threads relating to bonnaroo. They'll give you an idea of who is going, and maybe try pm'ing a bunch of them. I'm sure you'll find someone more than willing to give a fellow Canadian a lift home.


Bonnaroo Warmup Roll Call.....

who's going to bonnaroo?

Hope this helps.


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sure you won't have a problem if you have some gas money

on the way there - lots of space taken up by beer

way back - more space available

ps - maybe see what \/\/illy is sayin, he usually seems to have the low down on who's goin to the 'roo

good luck, have fun!

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