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I don't know if this is really necessary but I wanted to extend an apology to countrycowboy for the flare up this morning. I think where excess is involved people are going to make an ass of themselves from time to time (or most of the time in my case) and it's important that we don't condone that behaviour entirely but also that's really at the core of our scene. I generally don't like being singled out for doing the same sort of stuff everyone else does, drinking, drugging, carrying on. I may keep a higher profile but I'm not fond of being called on these things especially when I already carry around my own burden of shame. I already apologized to the Bus so I think that wraps it up. Swifty gets no apology cause he's a dick. I guess I wanted to add this because I agreed with something canned beats said to the effect of not liking when people marginalize the integrity of our social community. That rang a chord with me and I guess I didn't like how one seemingly harmless interlude took away from the music of Grand Theft Bus and The Slip (which incidentally I haven't heard people really talk about in much detail at all which is kind of reprehensible- can people even name 3 songs the bus played for instance?).

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i purposely did not get involved in the conversation earlier for the sake of my own dignity (i don't like to be brought to a level where i find it acceptable to freely use the term 'gay' as a manner of insult, only to turn around and respond to anothers qritique of an unacceptable - in my humble opinion- action on my behalf by refering to them as a 3 year old. just a personal thing) it was a redudant argument in which i had no part of - perhaps my 'status' in the scene isn't in high enough regard - but I was shocked by some very ignorant statements that even crossed over into this apology. i don't like to judge a person without formally meeting them but sometimes it's just too hard.

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That was a damn good post you made there Mr. Beats. Was gonna mention it, but the thread is closed.

I'm afraid to write this for fear it might encourage the fucker, but kung is attempting to be our little Can-jam Hunter S. Thompson (really, he's our best shot), and I betcha old Hunter has had lots to apologise for over the years. Comes with the territory I think. The trick is to hang on as long as you can stand it, 'cuz having kung around is usually pretty fun over the long haul.

And really, it's a pretty big crapshoot. Where would Hunter be if he didn't nab that career of his? Gotta admire an underdog.

Good luck kung. And you better start working harder. Hunter had already got his ass kicked by the Hells Angels by the time he was your age.

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