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Going to buy new computer-HELP needed !!!


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So last month my computer blew up...literally. A big puff of smoke like you see from the old flash photography days emerged from my hard drive. fried the whole thing. lost everything....music, poems, research et al. !

anyhow, it is time to buy a new computer and i really have no idea about these things. judging form that thread a while ago about what people do, it seems a lot of you are in computer related fields and i was wondering if you could shed some light on the requirements i need.

i use my computer for power point, email, internet, and downloading music.....so if you have receommendatons as for specs, anti-virus stuff, and music programs...i prefer to just go to one place and get it all set up. oh yeah i think i'm going to get a laptop...and my budget is from 1000-1500



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1500 will definately get you a laptop, but not very high-end.

Mind you, your budget would allow for one really Kick-ass PC. SUPER KICK-ASS

PC's are easily upgradable, provided you are consistent with updating your components.

You could get a basic, but pretty darn powerful pc for only around $700.

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With a mac, I don't think you'll have as easy of a time getting software for the thing. Especially free software from the warez community.

Sure, their purty and all, viruses aren't raging on the platform yet, but you can live completley virus free on the PC if you follow a few simple rules.

I've said it before, but I haven't had a virus in a few years, and the last 3 years have been the worst in the history of viruses.

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