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Hightime Radio on tonight? *nope,I'm a dumbass*


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usually Tues. nights

remembered around 3 am last night so I'm not sure if they were in or not

you early-birthday celebratin? (officially the 3rd in just over an hour)

Yeah,I sorta thought it was tuesday when I made this thread then realized it was wednesday....

I have one bowls worth of herb to smoke...and one beer to drink at midnight.I sorta fell alseep earlier after dinner and didn't make the beer store. doh.gif

I may have a airplane bottle or two of booze here,but nothing worth bragging about.Fuckin after dinner naps...

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I.D ?

Haven't had any since the long arm of the law confiscated it from me...I may have an expired passport kickin around...LOL

I'm still stuck on the old health card so I don't have one of those smart looking picture health cards are the kids are sporting these days.

Not sure about heading out,not in the mood for the walk back home after the bars close,don't feel like walking for my b-day ya know....when you thinking of going? Perhaps I can procure a loan around here for cab fare until I get paid tomorrow....

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