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So i'm listening to a modern MMW show....


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and i'm 35 minutes into the 'intro', and the music is really starting to get boring. At first it was kinda cool, but its been going like this for over half an hour!

I like jazz. Hell, i love jazz. I should REALLY be into these guys.

Each member is really talented, but i'd rather turn on some Garaj Mahal or RW20congress....

When did MMW drop their groove completely, and totally rely on this acid jazz?

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Good question. I used to love them, and although I wasn't at Evolve last year much of their newer material really bores me to death. I saw them in about 97 or 98 and loved them so it's too bad I'd rather listen to Joyslam these days.

Who's got my heady Return to Forever cover band?

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I've seen them twice, once at the TO jazzfest a few years back and last year here in Calgary.

The TO show was fairly boring but the Calgary show was phenominal.

I'd say they are also hit or miss, I haven't heard to many live shows that i thought were hot, but the Calgary show really opened my eyes to just how awesome they can be.

The show from 2000 where Trey sits in with them is pretty cool though, I would recommend checking it out if you already havent.


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Aren't you, by definition, ignorant?

From allmusic:

The music played by a generation raised on jazz as well as funk and hip-hop, Acid Jazz used elements of all three; its existence as a percussion-heavy, primarily live music placed it closer to jazz and Afro-Cuban than any other dance style, but its insistence on keeping the groove allied it with funk, hip-hop, and dance music. The term itself first appeared in 1988 as both an American record label and the title of an English compilation series that reissued jazz-funk music from the '70s, called "rare groove" by the Brits during a major mid-'80s resurgence. A variety of acid jazz artists emerged during the late '80s and early '90s: live bands such as Stereo MC's, James Taylor Quartet, the Brand New Heavies, Groove Collective, Galliano, and Jamiroquai, as well as studio projects like Palm Skin Productions, Mondo Grosso, Outside, and United Future Organization.

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and i'm 35 minutes into the 'intro', and the music is really starting to get boring. At first it was kinda cool, but its been going like this for over half an hour!

... i thought you were talking about phish ;)

personally, i think their most recent album (?) uninvisible, is one of their grooviest... however, the only time i saw 'em, they played a lot of cuts from the dropper, a rather "un-groovy" album... and the show still smoked!

based on d/l's, id agree they are hit and miss... probably depends if that baby medeski was crying over his steinway... :)

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I'll buy anti-groove, I won't except "danceable grooves" as a definition for an enormous genre.

Sorry hammy, I'm a stickler for detail.


Sorry, I wasn't trying to provide a catch-all definition of "acid-jazz" - I was just pointing out that, as I haven't heard the show secondtube was talking about, his question didn't make any sense (actually, it wouldn't have made sense even if I had heard it - I just would have had a better answer). His re-phrasing of the question, however, did. As Jaimoe pointed out, "free jazz" is probably closer to what secondtube was talking about.

You can have "grooves" and not be an acid-jazz band, but it's hard to be an acid-jazz band without incorporating some element of "groove". Please don't point out that any rhythmic beat is a "groove" and that therefore the presence of a steady beat implies the presence of a groove... I think we know what we're implying when we use "groove" in this particular context.

Also, "except" is spelled "accept". Sorry, but I'm a stickler for details. ;)

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i've always seen the term 'acid jazz' as a term made up by record industry execs with no idea about what they're talking about, while the diverse group of musicians being pegged to the made up genre dismiss the term. sounds kinda like another genre we know well, hehe. but i think the music commonly called 'acid jazz' is far from free jazz.

i thought that MMW show at the outdoor ampitheatre on the water at harbourfront centre a few summers ago was awesome! the one where bullfrog opened.

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How about this: MMW are a jazz trio. Period.

How about:

MMW are a modern jazz trio?

Hmmm...I'm not sure. IIRC, "modern jazz" refers to the small-band jazz that arose in the '40s and '50s (as exemplified by the Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis bands of the era) beginning with bebop. Yes, MMW plays jazz that's influenced by a lot of things going on right now (e.g., their inclusion of DJ Logic on some tracks), which makes it "modern" (and it's improvised, so it's "jazz"), but I wouldn't put MMW in the same category as, say, the Miles Davis band with Coltrane.



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i have this, it should answer your question:

John Zorn's Emergency


Willisau Jazz Festival

Willisau, Switzerland

Source: SBD > DAT > CDR > EAC (extracted & verified) > shn v3

4 tracks [74:02]

Size: 466 MB


1. The Lost Crowd

2. Shrek

3. TV Time

4. ? Encore


John Zorn sax

John Medeski keyboards

Marc Ribot guitar

Kenny Wolleson drums

Notes: A really great sounding show. By my ears an A- to A ...but please add comments. I don't think this has been seeded here before.

John Zorn and John Medeski!!!! What more could you ask for!?!

***Please Do Not Encode to Lossy Formats for TRADING ***

***Do NOT Sell ***

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