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prince in Toronto feeling


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I'm getting a wierd feeling that Prince may do something like this for the Toronto show.

He's selling tickets to the after show for his L.A. gigs and basically you get an extra 2 hour prince show (usually a much better and jammy one) after his real show.

Members have access to get the tickets first and they are only allowed 1, not 2. I am debating getting a second prince membership for $25 (for ms.hux), just in case. Heck, it's a lifetime membership.


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I really wouldn't be surprised either. I mean it's not like he's staying in a hotel, I mean penthouse suite, since he's living on the Bridle Path it almost seems a foregone conclusion that there'll be an aftershow after the first or second night.

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Latest update,

He put on a 1.5 hour show last night at the house of blues, starting at 1 AM.

They let in the NPG Music Club members first, who got to watch prince do a sound check. Then, they let in the Ticketmaster ticket holders. Some of them got in a little late and missed the first half-hour.

My advice, join his fan club when I say GO!


I wish I got some sort of referral bonuses.

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From NPGMusicClub.com

"Yeah the aftershow was a killer. It was my first aftershow experience, and I was expecting chaos and just hoped there wouldn't be any problems. I got there around midnight and the lines were already jam packed. The NPGMC had a separate line and they let us in first at around 1am. So all the members had the best oportunity to get nice and close. I was about 5 rows back right in the center, with a GREAT view (it certainly pays being 6 foot 2 inches tall!). The show kicked off about 1:15am. The songs played were (not in order):



Knock On Wood

Dear Mr. Man

All The Critics Love U In LA

Santana Medley


What Is Hip

A Love Bizarre

And heaps of other covers/jams that I either didn't recognise or can't remember! (including one that Mike Scott sang lead vocals - ouch!)

The show lasted about 1h 45m, around 3am. Sheila played for most of the second half, including a bit where she played guitar while Prince played percussion! A total role reversal!. Everyone in the crowd seemed real pleased with the show despite waiting 20mins for a final encore that never happened. (I guess they had to get him out of the building). This was by far my best Prince experience ever!!!!


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