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Room for two more for Coventry! OFFER CLOSED


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OK, at the request of Stapes, I'm going to do what I did for Velvet & FreekerByTheSpeaker: I will place one more order for Coventry tickets. This (last) time, I will buy (at most) three tickets; one is for Stapes, but the other two spots are available. If you want in:

  1. you must live in Ottawa (for hand-to-hand transfer)
  2. you must not have any other way to get a ticket (in other words, this offer is aimed at people who don't have a credit card, or who don't have space on a card for a ticket)
  3. you must respond via e-mail to "bradmcmail@yahoo.ca" before 9:00am on Friday, June 4

Payment will work as follows: I give you your ticket, you give me the money. My guess is that they'll cost a bit over CDN$200; I'll know exactly once the credit card bill comes in.

I'll try to respond to every who e-mails me, but if you don't hear that you're in by mid-morning tomorrow, you're not in.



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I love the stipulation "you must not have any room on your credit card"

In other words, "You must have tons of debt and a horrible credit rating"

Bradm's a LOAN SHARK! ;)

Yeah, a loan shark with microphones and MiniDisc: a taping shark! "Oh the shark has / Tiny mics, dear / And he keeps them / Turned up high..."

The offer is now closed folks.



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