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Ottawa sandwich tragedy!


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Just came back from Direinzos on Beech(how do you spell that?) with a styrofoam container of my first Gnocci. That shit is GOOOD!.

Anyway, SANDWICHES are going UP!!!

As of June 15:

Veggy - $2.25

Meat - $3.50

It was too good to be true. The lady said they've kept the prices at $2 for 10 years!

I added this to the calender so you can remember the last day to get a sandwich for $2

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Guest Low Roller

You know, I've never had one of those sandwiches... I booked June 21-25th off work so I can study.

During that week someone will have to show me where this place is.

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yesterday, I went to derienzo's and they had 2 sandwiches that I longed for. One was the roast beef, the other was one I had not seen before. MEATLOAF!

So, I bought both.

The plan: Eat half of the meatloaf and half of teh roast beef.

The Actual: Couldn't stop eating the meatloaf because it was UNBELIEVABLY TASTY AS FU@K and realized I shouldn't eat 2 of those monsters so I put the roast beef in the refrigerator.

Today: I remembered of teh sandwich, and heated it up. GODDAMN is it ever good.

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