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i just figured most european cheese isn't pasteurized...cuase it doens't HAVE to be as much...

either way, mould in cheese when it's SUPPOSED to be there is yummeriffic.

i just finished my salad with blue cheese, olives, and french dressing and it was awesome.

wish i had some unpasteurized cheddar for tomorrow...

speaking of cheese though (and not losing sight of the original topic) does anyone dig cottage cheese? remember: touch on the unpasteurized bit. i dont' want this to get out of hand with a milk fat discussion on whether 2% is better than 4% or whatever...for the record, the more fat the better for me.

and load on the pepper and a touch of herbamare or some cajun seasoning...it's a nice change.

i'm not a huge dairy fan but i think it's healthier for you to eat butter than margarine.

for the records... ;)

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I usually pick up something unpasteurized at that deli near shwartz's in Montreal (Vienna something?). One we tried was really good, another which was aptly named "mountain cheese" was absolutely terrible. Tasted and smelled like a rotting cadaver.

Overall though I'm just a big fan of them. I've also been buying real parmesan and just using less of it in salads, pasta, etc. So much nicer than the granular version made by a big tobacco conglomerate

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