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Trey & Phish are terrorists?!


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don't believe the hype man!!!

Firstly, the website is called "americans for war" that is you first clue that it is either bullshit or put up by gunslingin', spittoon twangin' redneck so called patriots...not worth the energy it takes for your eyes to read the first few lines.

PS...Trey and Phish aren't smart enough to be feared terrorists, you know that right????

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You haven't heard?

Even if you enjoy herb (especially hash) in the US of A your supporting terrorism,also if you do not believe in god,oppose war,oppose the gov't,wear tye dye shirts,long hair....

Although this is rather old,if ya think where its coming from,it almost makes sense,in a way that doesn't.

Here's an old article...

....that by buying drugs they may be financing terrorists - "whether you're shooting heroin, snorting cocaine, taking Ecstasy or sharing a joint in your friend's back yard".


President Bush has declared: "If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terror in America."


Fear tatics & fanatics....what ya going do.

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