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Round 2 down...round 3 next


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Well,without a lawyer,some shit ass good luck and a biker I met at court today (funny story) I somehow was able to enter my plea of guilty and put my sentencing over until july 19th.Now,I have the work letter,so thats good,next is two or three doctors letters (I pay) stating that putting me in jail would not be beneficial to my health given my back problems I have due to the two surgeries in 97.So,I made the nessecary calls to the doctors and set up appointments to see one or two of the eight that I have working on my medical issues,all I need is one letter but two will be better.

I almost had no representation,the duty council wasn't gonna speak on my behalf but somehow this biker I befriended while we waited for court to begin was able to persuade the DC to actually speak on my behalf,although he came over in the court room and shook my hand,wished me luck then tossed me a fist in the air and laughed as he left the court room,which I wasn't to happy about seeing that the judge watched it all and wasn't to impressed by him to begin with...LOL but whatever he said to the DC when he was being represented worked,cause the duty council came right over and said he'd talk for me....he (the biker) was even chatting it up with my mom outside the court room for a bit while I was talking to the lawyer.....the dog!

I owe that guy many a beer.

Playing the system for all I can,round three in july is the final round regardless though,but at least its some time to use to my advantage...possibility (although slim) of a huge fine and probation I guess or community service... :fingers crossed:

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I doubt they would go for home arrest for this,max sentence is 30-40 days only.

Driving while disqualified was the charge.


I can't see why I won't be able to make it to ctmf now.I'll be sporting phantastic heady tattoos and drinking the dank beers brah,making grilled cheese and listening to SCI.

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haha, people that cant handle seeing somebody puke are great. One of my buddies cant even pick up his own dogs shit without gagging, its priceless.

The party starts for me on the 23rd of June in Calgary with Moses Mayes, followed by 11 days of pure mayhem, I hope some of you make some real impressions on me so i can remember meeting you.

Drunkest guy at the party, alright.

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