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what's your favourite chain restaurant?


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It's not in order or complete, although Ginger is my favourite chain restaurant:

Ginger ( authentic Thai & Chinese Food, Toronto )

Toby's ( Love them burgers )

The Hoagie House ( in Kingston )

The Pita Pit

Bubba's ( Kingston )

Young Thailand ( Toronto )

The Keg Mansion ( Toronto )

____________ & Firkin pub ( I used to like the Friar & Firkin @ Queen Street and John, Toronto )

Gabby's ( Toronto )

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LOL, nice one esau.... hahahaa, that made me giggle. ::

boston freakin' market byatches!!!! i have seen but one in canada (in mississauga), we definitely need more.


also,i really like the green mango in toronto (at least i think that's what it's called?). i was once informed there are more than one of them, so maybe that counts as a chain.

oh yes, here it is! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!


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I don't eat at chain restaurants very often (due to not eating out very often, and then usually at small, only-one-of-'em places, like The Black Tomato or Bigio's in Ottawa), but there is one chain I end up having a lot of meals at when I'm at shows in the USA: Denny's.

At Hampton in 2003, I was utterly amazed at The Sloth's knowledge of and ability to manipulate the Denny's breakfast menu ("No, you want the Sunshine Slam breakfast, but get it with this instead of that..."); it showed evidence of a long and hard-wrought experience at that (largely) American caloric institute.



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