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Feist @ Mod Club tonite


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I've had a major crush on Leslie Feist since well before she was the diva behind the Broken Social Scene. Her album Monarch is a gem as is the new one Let It Die. I wouldn't be surprised if a few scenester friends turned out to help her along. Still not sure if it's feasible for us to get into the city for the show tonight but if you're in town this will be a must see.


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I've been reveiwing shows for NXNE. last night I saw Feist. One of the more amazing 30 minutes of music I've witnessed in a very long time. She defies description. Is absolutely bewitching. Last week I had "let it die" in my discman for 5 days. And gorgeous....

I'll be reviewing other bands tonight so I can't see her again, but I sure the hell wish I could. 12 bucks at the mod club. on at 9:30.


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I'll add eminently to that list as in: Leslie Feist is eminently delectable.

(don't think i'm making it to the show tonite unfortunatemant- drive in in Tweed to see Harry Potter instead oddly enough- she's touring this album- which really is quite quite good-- so I hope to see her in a town near me and you)

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