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(sigh) Women...


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dude quit complaining already and start not acting like an idiot around girls.

be picky and you'll find yourself a sweetheart.

you can be flirty and picky at the same time...that's my advice. quit whining you dork!

then you'll not be a dork any longer.

good look piege!

and earthfreak...good luck to you...p-bro's a heady university town. london was a not so heady university town so i think you're in a worse spot than piege...potential confusion.

good luck to the both of you.

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Well..... Im srry if im coming across like a big sucky piss pant whinner...and some sort of nerd...:: You know everytime I come on this site, im ever so carful of what I say because I dont want you all to think that im just some kind of dork (pfttt..) Anywaays... I usually dont act like an idiot around women (95% of the time). And if you are calling me a dork, then like my good buddy jimmy mulbury would say... Name calling is usually an attack from someone who has too deal with their own insecuritties... and needs a dose good of night school. :)

And laddies..... You are all beautiful... I love you all.


The piege

Im always gonna have women problems... Relationship or not.

I still want to play the game.

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Even if you do meet someone,it may or may not last,this we all know,now,with that being said;if you find the positive in it all,when else would you be able to use this phrase?

"I dumped her like a sack of kittens of a bridge".

*Note:This only works when it is you who is doing the dumping. lol.gif

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Sorry piege...i guess the word dork is pretty un called for, even in the different ways i meant it.

i've been known to be very lonely at times.

i think you're probably a sensitive guy that's had too much bad luck.

i just hope whoever you find isn't a crazy bitch and has sweet smelling breath.(that's more important than big rock hard porn star breasts)

cheers, and all the best!

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