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Good Mornin' To Ya!


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8:30am - get the hell outta bed, hop in the shower.

8:38am - after shower, get ready for work (put clothes on, grab cd's, pack the pipe).

8:43am - still time to spare, decide to use said packed pipe.

8:53am - out the door, grab coffee, wait at bustop.

9:00am - board bus, sit at back, window open, hit play on cd player

9:00am to 9:24am - listen to Nero, let brain cook.

9:24am - arrive at work, saddle up for the next 12 hours of magical moments that comprise retail on a gorgeous monday in june!

9:42am - Happy Monday Mornin' Ya'll!

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Good morning to you too!

7:50am - get the hell outta bed and shower

8:00am - check the Skank for anything new and interesting

8:10am - breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, wish I wasn't going to work

8:45am - wishing I wasn't going to work

8:50am - hop on motorcycle and drive to work - all the while wishing I wasn't wasting a nice day going to work

9:01am - walk into the office, frowning

9:45am - start on my new website www.torontoislanddiscgolf.com

Ugh - mondays.... Man if we could smoke the pipe at work, this would be such a different place!

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