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Dylan at 'Roo?


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From what I have been able to tell no one sat in,not a word mentioned on dylantree or All Along The Watchtower(A.A.T.W) messege board either.

I noticed a Sampson on his set list, did he write that?

Nope,although I forget off hand who did I know it gets listed as a tradition folk song now alot of the time.

Although the first of a few recordings is up on STG now and there will be another AUD and a SBD to be on STG in the next few days or so,according to one taper on A.A.T.W who has the DATs.

Link to BT forum > Dylan 06.11.04

Here's a link to an mp3 version of Samson & Delilah by Dylan:

Dylan- Samson & Delilah mp3

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06/11/04 (Fri) Bonnaroo Music Festival - Manchester, TN

Set 1: Down Along The Cove, Tell Me That It Isn't True, Samson & Delilah, Watching The River Flow, You Win Again, Cold Irons Bound, Sing Me Back Home, Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine), Highway 61, Pancho & Lefty, Seeing The Real You At Last, Blind Willie McTell, Honest With Me, DOn't Think Twice It's Alright, Summer Days, E: Cat's In The Well, Like A Rolling Stone

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The source on sharing the groove looks like a good one,although I'm not sure if these mp3s are from that recording.I'll end up with at least three different sources myself,I like getting SBDs and AUDs,even AUDs from different locations at the show,at least for a festival anyway.

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It was easily one of the most special Dylan shows that I have ever attended. I too was hoping for some special guests but instead got those amazing covers of songs that I will likely never hear Dylan do again.

The crowd obviously went nuts for "Samson & Delilah". I luckily knew all the other tracks as well as I'm a fan of Hank Williams, Merl Haggard (I was first introduced to that song on The Byrds Live At The Fillmore- February 1969) and Towns Van Zandt (which felt like a tribute to Van Zandt and Willie Nelson made a hit out of it with Merl Haggard in 1983).

Also for Dylan to start out with two songs that he originally recorded in Nashville with "Down Along The Cove" on John Wesley Harding and "Tell Me That It Isn't True" on Nashville Skyline was special.

I also was happy to get the rare "Seeing The Real You At Last" off of Empire Burlesque and "Blind Willie McTell" for the first time!

Plus I was happy that Dylan kicked Freddie Koella out of the band for this new guitarist named Stu Kimball. I felt Freddie never really fit in and hopefull Stu will do a better job. Though I still miss Charlie Sexton.

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