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MAHOGANY FROG, "Progressive Jams from Winnipeg"


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Steel City Music Presents

in association w/Cincinnati Records

Monday June 21st, 2004

@ The Underground

**8PM Licensed/All-Ages**

41 Catharine St N



[color:"red"] "Progressive Rock from Winnipeg"


with guests

OSTARA, Pirx The Pilot, Marr

Doors 8PM



MP3 to sample:: http://www.mahoganyfrog.ca/audio/spooky.mp3

web: http://www.mahoganyfrog.ca/




Mahogany Frog is a collective of musicians who, over the past seven years, have explored the boundaries of their own creativity and abilities. The undeniable intensity of their live performance has amazed and assaulted listeners across the prairies, and their musicianship and originality have won Mahogany Frog recognition and respect in various active art communities.

The concept for Mahogany Frog was contrived in 1996 by Graham Epp and Jesse Warkentin for a college entrepreneurship project. The project developed into a band in 1998 when they joined forces with the illustrious frontal attack of bassist Nathan Loewen.

Playing shows throughout Saskatchewan with a variety of drummers, they began to develop an astonishingly loyal fan base, and familiar faces began to repeatedly pop up at even the most rural of locations.


Mahogany Frog reached new heights in late 1999 with the acquisition of drummer Jean-Paul Perron, who not only accented heavier punches and gave substance to more atmospheric sections, but introduced an experimental and electronic edge with the use of a variety of samplers and tape loops.

In late 2002, as the band contemplated moving to a larger centre, they formed a six-piece, introducing horns, keyboards and synth sounds. With this lineup, Mahogany Frog performed and recorded a single hour-long composition which serves as their second full-length album (but which was not yet to be released until March of 2003).

Relocating to Winnipeg and working on an increasingly refined repertoire, Mahogany Frog minimized to a four-piece, introducing the technical genius of bassist Scott Ellenberger. With the release of their second album “The Living Sounds of Mahogany Frog” came recognition from an array of local artists and musicians. Again Mahogany Frog became involved in a series of multi-media events, collaborating with independent film, performance art, and experimental musical acts such as The Absent Sound, Multiple Partners, Redsayno and Ham.

After a series of short prairie tours, the group commenced work on their third and fourth full-length albums. They joined forces with recording technician/musician Mike Petkau, and spent the summer months of 2003 creating what would become “Mahogany Frog Vs Mabus”. This five-song hour-long collection demonstrates the increasingly complex compositional aspect of the group, as well as the expanded use of synthesizers and various analog instruments.

SPECIAL NOTE :: this is another installment of the weekly series on Mondays at the Underground. SCM's New Music Nights.***

FOR MORE INFO contact brodiebooksrock@yahoo.ca

or feedback@steelcitymusic.ca

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Wow! I downloaded all the MP3s, and I like their sound a lot. I hear a big Frank Zappa influence, especially in the way there are different several-bar sections (each with its own flurry of notes), with strained guitar on top.

Too bad they're skipping Ottawa this time out. ::



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Too bad they're skipping Ottawa this time out. ::

I e-mailed the band, and got a prompt response:

We booked this tour ourselves, and have been unable to land a show in Ottawa. We'd love to play there, however, and have all you cats tape our show and sell them for millions of dollars to Japanese tourists, but it's hard to get through to most venue owners and bookers if you're not an important business-type.

If you got us a show, we'd be there.

We are free to play in the area on Friday, June 18th, or Sunday, June 20th.

We're working on getting a show at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield on the afternoon of that Sunday, but it very well

may fall through.

I know it's short notice, but if you have any connections to good venues or bands that could help us fill those dates, drop us a line with their contacts.

Anyhoo, thanks again, and perhaps we'll slay your town.

XOXOXO Jesse Frog

They can be reached via e-mail at "mafroganyhog@mahoganyfrog.ca". Can anybody help? I checked the usual venues, and they don't seem to have anything open for the dates the band offered. :(



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