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Some new fun music...


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raq are fantastic... Get over the Phish comparisons, these guys can play! Saw them last Feb. in Hartford, CT at a little bar called the Arch Street Tavern. I was totally impressed, and I had been listening to raq shows since summer 2002... Talked to them about coming to Canada, and they said they were interested. Hopefully we seem them up here sooner rather than later...


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Unfortunately, I can't get over the Phish comparison. They are from Burlington VT, happen to be friends with Phish.... oh, and they sound exactly the same. I'm sure they are great players etc.., but I would much rather hear something more original.

Happy Birthday James!

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ya know.. I fear it's going to be a while before people can listen to bands that create music in the same style as phish without making an immediate comparison.

It's kinda unfair for any band trying to do that kind of thing now cuz everyone is going to be like "they just want to be phish".

I suppose part of that may be true for some bands but even if it is I think it's ok for bands to sound similar without assuming they are a bunch of rip off artists or unoriginal.

am I rambling? I think I am..

I guess ultimately I'm just trying to say that for me it doesn't matter if they sound like carbon copies of another band, if I like the tunes then right on, but it's cool if it's not someone elses bag..

ok.. I'll shut up now :) thanks for the link

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You've definately got a place to stay in Van anytime ctownzz.

I also don't mind if a band sounds kinda like another, it's just this band is blatantly unoriginal to such a degree, it is impossible for most people to see past the Trey licks or Phish jams. Sure, borrow a few tricks from Phish, but incorporate something original as well so I can hear something I haven't heard before. Anyone can use tracing paper to create art.

It seems this happens a lot in the jamband scene in particular. Since jambands rarely get mass exposure (radio, MTV etc.), some new bands think they can get away with imitation and gather new fans who are hearing the (Phish)sound for the first time. Remember when Phish first started? - they didn't sound like anything I had ever heard before - that's what I'm talking aboot.

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yeah fair enough..

just to play devils advocate.. and I don't know this Raq band from a whole in the ground.. but what if they were just starting out? A lot of bands start off sounding like their heros but over time develop a unique sound all their own.

but I know what you are saying and I agree somewhat..

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