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Gone Fishing (updated: with pics)


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Nice pics Steve,looks like it was a fine morning on the Grand aside from the lack of fish.I really should get my gear altogether and head out with ya one day,as it seems I'm up when you go anyway,plus I love fishing and have not been once this year (for shame...boooo).

Off topic - Steve or Esau do you recall P-Funk playing at an airport in Dunnville a couple of years ago? Fat Cats were there too. I was trying to remember the name of that Fest...man I had a good time at that :)

Yeah,I was at the show,theres a few other folks from here (jambands) that were there to,although,we werent aware of it when we all met.(Not sure I was even on the board then).P-Funk was awesome,Fatties kicked ass and I remember checking out the laser Floyd DJs that were kickin it out late night also.Most of the time I hung out with Rory (Gratefully Deadicated Sound System) due to the lame rave and high number of idiots there.One inparticular was the insane tooth missing chem-head chic that was dead set on me gettin with her,eventually she was able to drop somthing in my beer and I was a ramblin wreck and had a friend (Karen) escort me to my van since I was so messed up I wasn't even sure where I was anymore,in the end I collasped and passed out in a little ditch behind my van,was not a very good time.

Although I did meet Kat (butta),Scott (Tigger),Trevor (Mister-pinchy) and a couple other awesome folks which I'm thankful for meeting,so it wasn't a complete write off.

Funny story getting in the place also, I had just come home from a 3 week camping excurision in Manitoba days before so I had all my camping gear with me still,my friend (at the time) Scotty who came with me were at the gate having my van searched,as they searched it they pulled out a hunting knife,a hatchet,hide skinning knife,two double-shot bear sprays,a couple filet knives and a camping bow-saw (dismantles into a baton style container) so they put all that aside in my van without saying a word and continued to search,then they found a pyrex dish with coffee grounds in it and went nuts (NO GLASS RULE) and were not going to allow us into the place due to that.We did some fancy talking and promising about how we weren't going to throw the pyrex dish at anyone and they believed us but still wanted to hold onto my coffee until the day we left,just "incase someone else smashes it", and someone cuts themselves on it.Fuckin idiots.

Funny thing was they said absolutely nothing about all the knives,hatchet and the bear sprays...they were only worried about the the pyrex and if I was going to smash it or throw it.

Definatley by far the worst place I have ever seen a show in my life.I'd rather have drank warm draft in the Corktown tavern.

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