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Microsoft word help...


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"there is insufficient memory or not enough disc space. Please close other windows and save work"

What the hell is this, I'm trying to paste pictures onto my word document and this keeps coming up, I've rebooted already, I have no other windows open and I'm getting pissed.

Anyone know???

thanks in advance.

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what version of windows are you running? i've had that happen before with windows '95 & '98. if you've made too many changes to the document (which can be anything, inserting graphics and/or spreadsheets, making complicated tables with a lot of different fonts & spacing, etc. -- even deleting & fixing what you're doing counts as changes), basically what you're trying to do is too big for the program. and yes, it f%(#* sucks some major ass. the only way i've really found to rememdy it (and you're not really fixing it, just working around it) is to go back to an earlier version of the document you've saved (if you have one) and add what you can from there, or, copy & paste what you can into a new document & start over with what you need to add to it.

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