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DMB / Keller extras?


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Ontario Place is public grounds after 6PM so you can walk right in there without paying. Then you have several options, when you come up to the gate for the Amphitheatre stay to your left and follow the road that goes past it. Before you hit the washrooms on your left and the second gate on your right there is a small but steep hill with a fairly tall white fence. Going over this will take you into a small wooded area right above the first washrooms on your left INSIDE the venue. It's pretty close to the main gate but if there is ANY kind of traffic down there and in the washrooms you're in the clear. Be careful there too, the wooded area is another steep hill and going over this way for Neil Young in 2000 I landed on my face and rolled down the hill! Luckily no one seemed to notice.

Another great way is to keep walking past that jump point and follow that same road until you reach the mini-golf course on your right. I can't remember for the life of me which hole it is but follow the course until you've reached the hole closest to the back fence of the Amphitheatre. Here you are positioned directly behind the concession stands so there are always a lot of people there for you to disappear into. Going over the fence there is kind of a poor choice because it makes you very noticable and the security headquarters tent is directly to your left. The beauty of this jump point is that you can actually go THROUGH the fence! The white bars are seperated just enough and bend just a little bit that if you position your body correctly you can literally slip right through the fence. I first learned that trick sneaking into Furthur Fest '97 and it's always been one of my favorite ways to go in until recent as I've become a little beefier.

Remember if a security guard sees you DON'T RUN, they love a chase! Plus they don't even kick you out of Ontario Place property just the Amphitheatre and the ONE time they have caught me the guy didn't lay a hand on me and I was over the fence again in 10 minutes.

Also remember to improvise. Once a friend and I sat as close as we could on the big rocks where they rip tickets, a security guard came up and said "hey you're in or out, you can't sit there" so we walked in! This place is great because they hire 17 year old girls as security instead of ex-NFL linebackers like they do at many venues in the U.S.

See ya there, hope that helps some of you!

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hahahahahaa... yeah I haven't done any of this since 2002 as HOB was giving me tickets for everything last year so who knows maybe things have changed but I doubt it. Honestly though it is VERY easy and providing you can blend into a crowd and not make much of a scene it's pretty much fool proof.

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I've definately "accidently" walked into Molson Amph a few times.. Neil Young was a tough one, couldnt find tickets. And last time DMB played was a cinch, I wasn't a big fan, and was being cheap, but Dave rocked it. (and there seemed to be ALOT of girls there!)

On a different note, Arlo Guthrie played here in Sydney last week. Easiest show I've ever got in for free. $50 seemed too steep for Arlo. Went ot just check it out, walked in to see where they were taking tickets, next thing you know I'm sitting 20 rows up. There was no one to take tickets unless you needed to be directed to your seats!

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