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Mr. Something Something CD Release Tour Begins


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Toronto's Afro-funk Deep-diving Unit, Mr. Something Something, will begin a series of CD release parties on Thursday Sept 9th at the Jimmy Jazz in Guelph... no cover!!

Also... WARNING (for other bands and serious live music supporters): Mr. Something Something was scheduled (booking confirmed) to play at a place in London, ON called the Plant Doctor/Hippy Lounge on Sat Sept 11th. 9 days before the gig was to take place, the owner decided that he could find a band to play for less/no money so he balked on the Mr. Something Something show and called it off... unfortunately, the band had only a verbal contract (which in any RESPECTABLE venue is as good as a signed document). Please let all musicians, both local to London and touring acts, know about this incident. Others should beware when dealing with them. 9 days notice is generally not enough time to find an available venue to book and promote a show. So the band is out a night of work (ie rent money) due to a greedy venue owner.


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