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On this day: Warren Zevon passed away 09/07/03


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from www.billboard.com on Tuesday August 7, 2004.

2003 - Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon dies in Los Angeles. He is 56. Zevon was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in August of the previous year. A spokesperson for the artist says that Zevon had been feeling well of late, and died peacefully in his home.

I'm sad I never got to see Warren Zevon live. I remember the last time he came to Toronto he performed at the Horseshoe and I missed it because of work. On September 10, of last year I saw Bruce Springsteen perform at the Skydome and the first song of the night he did Zevon's "My Ride's Here" in tribute to his friend, it was a beautiful moment. Also the previous year I saw Bob Dylan tribute Zevon while he was still living by performing several songs of Zevon while on his fall tour. In Elmira I saw Dylan do "Mutineer." Both of these songs will appear on an upcoming Tribute album to Warren Zevon.

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The clips they showed of him and friends at the Grammies last year were touching. The Wind really is one of the best ruminations on a death you see coming ever. On another note Kevin Breit eulogized him his own way one time by playing a Zevon riff that was the greatest single riff ever played (for a second and a half) then stopped.

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