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Scrappy Bitch Tour - Oh Susanna/Kinnie Starr/Veda


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The Scrappy Bitch Tour is a three-act show of monotony-defying entertainment as opposed to gentle, complacent and safe established music and offers three diverse artists with one thread in common - they are all button-pushing, intellectual songwriters.

Kinnie Starr began making her presence felt around 1995 with edgy visual arts, graffiti, rhymes, outspoken race and gender politics, decidedly unorthodox performances, stunning good looks and envelope-pushing, beat-slamming recordings. This combination earned Kinnie a well-deserved and devoted fan base, and an immediate connection with critics and consumers alike.

Veda Hille can put the world into words — she is one of the most poetic women in music, and she is a feminist with a message. "It's not feel-good music, any of it," says Veda Hille, describing her own music and includes the music of the Scrappy Bitch Tour comrades Oh Susanna and Kinnie Starr. Veda means that in the best possible way. "Hopefully it makes people feel, but it's not always a good feeling."

Oh Susanna is a worthy addition to an increasingly distinctive body of work that always carried an unusual watermark. Suzie first performed under the name Oh Susanna in 1995, and soon after that EP on her own Stella imprint, she was being hailed as Canada's best-unsigned artist.

After several years apart, the Scrappy Bitches are back at it again for another trek across Canada.

Thursday, October 28 at Elixir

Tickets only $10 advance and on sale now at Brian's Record Option, Zap Records, UBS Exchange, Renaissance Music, Elixir and on-line

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