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Flying? Careful what you pack...


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So I returned from Cuba Monday at 2am. I'm patiently waiting at Pearson for my luggage to arrive. I watched every single bag come out, turns out one of mine was missing... :( There were about three other people missing bags as well. Kinda fishy...

Still no sign of it... I'm sure it was stolen somewhere along the way...

Lost a lot of clothes, including *all* my concert t's, can't exaclty replace those. And, my digital camera... Now I know it was stupid to pack my camera (how many times have we all heard "don't pack your camera"), but I didn't really want to have to worry about carrying it all around in my bag, and I guess I wasn't planning on having my bag stolen.

I know this is small potatoes compared to what's going on in the world right now. But man, it stings big time! ::

Moral of the story, don't pack and check in *anything* that you'd care about if you lost it...

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Was it US Airlines??? Apparently they are about to go on strike so all the workers are being sh!t-disturbers. My dad just flew down to the Dominican to help build a school and what not for a really impoverished area. He brings his guitar so he can play music for everyone. First their luggage was lost. Then, when they got their luggage, my dad's guitar, which was in a HARD case, had the neck snapped in half!!! There is no way it could have happened in the case so someone had to have taken it out and snapped it!! What the hell???...He can't really do anything about it till he gets home now but the airline is definitely gonna hear it.

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It's a sh!tty feeling standing at the baggage claim hoping the fate of your items have not been deceased!

I remember waiting, and waiting, and waiting then finally my name was called over the loud speaker...."Ms. King please come to the baggage desk!!!" fu©k! My pack was lost for 4 days on my way to Australia - thank god it was found....

I feel for you...in my life time, I've had over $30,000 worth of stuff taken from me...it sucks HARD....but at least you got your life.

I hope for your sake that it shows up!!

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