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Holy global warming batman

Davey Boy 2.0

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calgary weather

Tonight .. A few clouds. Wind south 20 km/h becoming northwest 20 this evening. Low minus 21. Wind chill minus 29.

Tuesday .. Sunny with cloudy periods. Wind becoming south 20 km/h in the afternoon. High minus 13.

Wednesday .. Periods of snow. Low minus 28. High minus 26.

Thursday .. Sunny. Low minus 30. High minus 22.

Friday .. Sunny. Low minus 28. High minus 20.

lookin forward to that high of minus 26. thats minus 40 with the wind chill. frosty.

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i don't care how 'nice' this warm weather is. it's winter and it's not supposed to be like this.

all you wimps that can't put on a toque should be ashamed of wanting the weather to be this warm. that's what vacations in florida are for.

'but it's cold' - suck it up! throw some snowballs and go tobogganing. have an 'excuse' to warm up...

remember the fun you had when you were a kid?

didn't have any fun? don't grumble about it. loads of us did.

way to have winter weather, calgary! that's awesome!

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shush it snow lover. 90% of this country is wide open space for people like you. don't wish your snow and ice on those of us who choose to live as far south as possible while still getting free health care.

bring on the warmth. i want to bring my dog to the park without coming home with a dogcicle. i want to walk on pavement, not ice rinks or piles of dirty snow and slush. i don't want to drive 20/km's an hour for 5 months because someone's a retard and driving TOO slow, or cause someone was a retard and drove TOO fast and hit that sexy light pole on the side of the road that then blocked all but 4 feet of the allan expressway the other day. yeeeeeeeeeeeey warm!!

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I'm with you Alexis... fu©k winter! Snow is nothing but a pain in the ass from the time you're 16 on... Instead of telling us to suck it up, why don't people who like a lot of the white sh!t haul their asses up north for a taste of real snow? I did two tours in Thunder Bay, I think I'm entitled to enjoy a little warm weather during the worst months of the year...

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eastern ontario is beautiful.

when it's good winter weather again (pretty snow and -10, sunny out) walk down the canal and check out the ice sculptures at winterlude.

blizzards aren't the best and freezintg rain sucks...

i hate blisteringly cold winter weather, and pissy rain in december and january...

but when we have snow and it stays cold enough to skate on the canal or on a rink, to go skiing, snowboarding, or corss country skiing...it's great.

ideal winter weather - -5 to -15, no breeze.

i hate slush and winter crap too...but that doesn't mean we should have warm weather all year.

i drive too...it's the time of the year to leave super early for whatever you need to do, and budget in time for slow driving or accidents.

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oh pleeeeeeeeeeeease, can my 9.5 hour work day (including travel time) turn into an 11 hour day? pleeeeeeeease can it? i think that would be SUPER.

i'm not saying NEVER have snow, let it snow at christmas, even new years, let's have a white fluffy holiday when we all don't really have anywhere to go. suuuure fine!. no problem. and i even like the -25 crap, cause then it's TOO cold to snow. GREAT.

i think it comes down to where you live rob. you live in the country, with vast expances of unbroken snow, and pretty landscapes. snow makes everything look great. and really really quiet, which is cool. I am a product of the city. people walk through the snow, you never know when some dog's peed on it. no one shovels when they should. the street plows make huge piles that make getting on the bus crappy and being a pedestrian a nightmare. thank the dear sweet lord i have a car and spend a maximum of 120 seconds outside at a time. (and i STILL bitch about the cold!!) so ha!

and a little tastey tidbit: mobile storage originated in BC. There are 5 major companies doing it in vancouver or victoria, i can't remember which. then the canadian who came up with the idea became business partners with some people in the states who eventually F'd him over, made the idea better, more marketable to the average user and here we are 15 years later.

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