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Good day live music fans!!

Here are a couple of great shows for the week ahead... courtesy of Discover Entertainment.

Wednesday January 12th

Arts Club Backstage Lounge

1585 Johnston St. - Granville Island


Wednesdays at The Backstage Presents



Inject is Amrit Basi on electronic & acoustic drums; Jamie Lubiner on guitar, guitar-to-midi converter & software synths; and Peter 'Fish' Fisera on Organs & Synthesizers. They play highly improvised music focusing on jazzbient, trip-hop, breakbeats, drum&bass, trance, house and previously unnamed and undiscovered flavours of electronic music. Usually dance-oriented and always experimental, Inject have started packing dance floors and freaking out the jaded "I've seen it all" music fans of the Lower Mainland.


$3.75 Stella bottles

$3.50 Jagermeister shots

$3.50 pints


Saturday January 15th

The Fairview Pub

898 West Broadway



with special guests




Five Alarm Funk

Five Alarm Funk is a 10-piece groove juggernaut. Playing original music inspired by Afro-Beat, Funk, Rock, Latin and Hip-Hop, the band has packed clubs to well over capacity in Vancouver and Whistler.

Five Alarm Funk shows are always parties. The energy on stage and in the room is palpable as the relentless rhythms fill the floor. Epic horn lines are followed by intense solos and vocal exchanges with the audience. No one is left standing still under this Afro-Funk onslaught, least of all those on stage, whose love for the music fuels a frenzied night of dancing.

The band’s shows at the Fairview Pub have gotten progressively crazier. At the last show over 500 people showed up causing a huge line-up that lasted most of the night. Five Alarm Funk has also filled nightclubs Tonic and Voda, Garfinkel’s in Whistler, and has performed at the Artswells festival in Wells, B.C.

Formed in 2003 with six original members, the group won a battle of the bands at the Lamplighter Pub before the year was out. In March, 2004 the band expanded to 10, adding more percussion and a full horn section. Five Alarm Funk is currently at work recording their debut CD, to be released this summer.

Stephen Franke & Noises From The Toolshed

Around the time that jazz developed into a global experience, the jazz underground started to provide an arena for harmonious celebration. Participants experience the joy of witnessing a sound which externalises the chaos of the human experience; where the years of secret societies and music counter cultures have met and rejoiced; where today thousands of people are gathering to experience a beat; where tomorrow’s music is given a stage and escapes through the cracks in the sidewalk into the minds of the young at heart. This is where Stephen starts making some noise.

But what’s he building in there?????

The music at a Stephen Franke concert offers a glimpse of the foundation and the skyline: A place where jazz accepts the varieties of gospel, mariachi, blues/hip-hop and bop; where singing and shouting are welcome.

Stephen Franke has left audiences amazed and inspired throughout his years touring with Gnu and the Ragtime Millionaires. In every corner of the Canadian heartland, Stephen Franke reaches out to audiences with his mastery of the guitar, his expressive convictions and his illustrative charm.

From the dance hall to the concert hall, these four technicians have been turning heads by setting a new standard for song-writing and instrumental fusion. If listening is your pleasure, Noises from the Toolshed can deliver the shiver. This groove theory is coming to deliver…move your mind to the sound, shake ‘em on down, or stamp your feet on the ground…It really doesn’t matter.

$8.00 advance tickets available now at Zulu Records, Highlife World Music & The Fairview Pub.

$10.00 admission @ the door


Thank you all... see you at the clubs!


as always...


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