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If you had 24 hrs notice before Planet Earth.....


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I'm not usually this morbid, but I can't help it these days. So many natural disasters!!!

So if you had 24 hrs notice that Planet Earth was basically going to self destruct (and if you could still think logically at this point)


What would you do? Where would you go?

(keep in mind no airports, bus stations, or train stations would be open)

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To my friend Kelly's cottage, on it's own island in Lake Temagami. Probably one of the more serene and illuminating places I've ever been.

I would fire up the sauna, throw a fish in the smoker and smoke a big doobie while I sweat out all of my bad self. I'm hoping to leave the planet a better person than when I arrived..and having a navel and a set of teeth I think I'm on par to do that.

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I often think about the fact that the people that die in these big disasters don't necessarily realise that they're dying in a big disaster. Like if the world exploded right now, I would never have knowledge of the major event I was part of.

If I had 24 hours though, wow, I think I'd write a poem. And take acid one last time.

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Get my final revenge on all my friends for all the wrongs they've done to me in the past or the whole sex/partying one last time with the people I love in a beautiful spot - which ever.

I definately have thought about finding all the bastards and bastettes that have harmed me, and poisoning them or causing some torture that would last longer then the earth exploding....

(hmmmmm..I'm not still bitter or bruised!)

god i'm in a weird mood today.....

Sunshine vs. Nightmaredispare!!


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