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Fans of The Slip: Enlighten a Good Rev.


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So I know people like The Slip, but The Slip and I haven't been properly introduced. I was wondering if somebody would be interested in any of the following:

(1) A BnP for their favourite Slip show (would be nice of you, but I am lazy)

(2) Throwing their favourite Slip show up on some webspace for me to grab OR throwing their favourite Slip show onto my webspace for me to grab (this would be awesomer than the BnP)

(3) Dipping into their Slip shows, pulling the FLACs (or what have you) of their favourite songs and/or jams and throwing them all in a folder for me with a text file containing show info, and BnPing it to me or throwing it on some webspace for me to grab (this would be the awesomest).

I tried to find them on the Archive, can't seem to. Also tried to Google to find a site, same deal. I'm always up for some new music and it appears as though there are a bunch of fans on the board here, so I'd love for somebody to point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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they're not on the archive as of yet, and lord knows if they ever will be. (ongoing debate, it seems...)

www.theslip.com has some music you can listen to.

if you have ftp access send me a pm, and i can point you in the direction of Live Slip Heaven.

if you wanna take your chances and pm me your address, you might get a surprise in the mail one day. ::

(i love getting new people turned onto the slip!)

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Right on everybody, thanks for the offers. When I googled "The Slip" the first match of course was theslip.com but the description was something about ordering hemp products so I didn't even click it. I will head there now.

Esau that would be awesome, but I don't know if I'd have the patience (or disc space). Can you choose one or two that are your favourites and I'll start with those? I love your av and signature, by the way. Thanks everybody, cheers.

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"


"Orange who?"

"Orange you glad I didn't say b...Orange you glad I didn't say b...Orange you glad I didn't say b-b-b-b-b...Orange you glad I didn't say b-b-b-b-b....nana?"


"Wow, what a great audience."

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Thanks to someone around here who shall remain anonymous (it's guigsy), I have now entered into the first stages of full-on Slip obsession. Basically, every night for the past 8 or 9 nights, I have listened to the shows he sent me over Christmas time and I just can't get enough! thanks again, handsome!

Let's get the Slip back up over the border in 2005!

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Great List of music Esau! I was impressed with amount of "Gourds" Live shows you have.

I just got an email from Brad Barr, he sent me some 2005 wishs and a chocolate cookie reciepie... very nice... I think the band is recording a new ablum at the moment and are only playing sporatic shows... he also sent me a link to a show he is playing in NYC with Marc Benevento, Rich Stein (?)and his brother Andrew...


Were hoping to have the SLIP back in Canada soon...


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