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AGP @ Le Swimming, 2nd night


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Two absolutely incendiary sets from AGP Saturday night in Montreal, after the shortened show Friday:

Addison Groove Project

Le Swimming, Montreal

Jan. 15, 2005



Nuggetts the Shaker

Just So You Know

Marbles* > Turning Points

Rose's Blue

Brown Sunlight

*John McLaughlin cover



Take Me I'm Yours >



My Apartment

Marinate >

Skewer >

The Ocean#

+with Dave ?, celebrating his 20th birthday, on clavinet

^Björk cover

#Led Zeppelin cover

"My Apartment" and "The Ocean" played by request (the latter for the taper)


Man, I wish I was half my age so I still had the stamina to stay out on that dance floor all the time. And when you have to constantly watch your mic stand and gear, it always takes away some of the enjoyment.

There were easily twice as many people there as the previous night.

The highlight for me would have to be their stunning take on "Isobel," which I had no idea was in their repertoire. (Brendan plays that John Barry-ish string accompaniment as a lead guitar line, and it sounds uncannily like the lead guitar line in Radiohead's "Lucky"--in fact I'm positive he worked in the exact phrasing of the "Lucky" guitar part at least once).

And of course, "my" Zep encore, which Rob the Keyboard Guy had promised after their last Swimming show here in September.

I haven't listened to every last bit, but the recording sounds at least as good as the first night's. Both will find their way online, one way or another.

Am now seriously thinking about heading down for the Higher Ground show on Feb. 3... There's always the possibility of some interesting hometown guests, for one thing. And I'd love to see AGP in the larger venue. Le Swimming is great, the band is in your face, but I want to see how they play in a small theater.

As usual, it was great not only to experience the band's infectious grooves, but to hang out and chat with the guys too, especially Rob. Can't wait to do it all again!

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