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Name That Festival Contest


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Theres a Festival in Kingston NewBrunswick June10th and 11th, and If you Name the Fest you get 2 all access tickets and $100 spending cash, just send your replies to pnbpeters@hotmail.com

just some extra info:

Invited bands are: Jimmy Swift Band, Grand Theft Bus, Recipe From a Small Planet, Threat From Outter Space, Wasabi Collective, Blue Quarter, Slow Coaster, Devine Heist, The Element (formerly The Christiane Hayes Element), and others will be added to the list soon. DJs will also be invited (for the early morning hours...) names TBA

Camping and parking are provided for the weekend!!!

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Thats crazy, as far as i was informed, they toldme they had spoken to all the bands, not all were confirmed but they had asked each of the bands listed!!!!

Well, if thats the case, thats pretty stupipd, so if it doesnt work out them, thats sh!tty, it'd be nice to get something good going out there though, it'd be a great weekend for everyone!!

also, no need to be such a snot about it, why dont ya just talk to the people putting it on instead of being an idiot on message boards, thats not gonna get anything done now is it!

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