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You know your tired when......


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You know your tired when you spend your first 20 mins getting a paper jam out of your printer, then the next HOUR trying to get the printer to print again.....finally realizing you never put the printer cartridge back in!!!!!!!!!!! And it was right in front of you the whole time!!!

fu©k!!!! Give me strength to make it through today!!!!:(

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Just got a big fat no.........

holding in the tears as I walked out of my bosses offices.........deep breaths....

no cuba for me!

maybe Costa Rica in the fall............

today sucks!

Oh man! I really feel for you. Does your boss have a good reason not to give you that time off?

That sorta happened to me once...where I asked for 3 weeks off to go to California. My direct supervisor said yes, even though I was supposed to go to a trade show with her, but since I asked her 6 weeks in advance, she was cool with it. But then our director found out I was going on vacation instead of the trade show and she gave me the speech of my life about how I'm immature and don't know the meaning of team work, I don't have any goals or ambition, blah, blah, blah. I went on my trip anyway. And still have my job. But I'll never forget that speech. It blew me away. I remember not sleeping that night. Looking back now, I should've done something about it...it was verbal harrassment for sure.

Anyway, Costa Rica sounds good. My friend is there right now...in Nosara. She bought a little house and spends about four months a year there. She goes surfing everyday! Ah, la vida!

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You also know you're tired when your desk turns into a giant pickle, and your coffee cup has an arguement with you on your choice of coffee, all while Big Bird is trying to tell you why his car is blue, but it won't start anyway.

no paan, that's when you know you've done enough acid to fu©k up a horse! :: i hope you're in that state tonight for mice and cats!

happy friday tired people.

p.s., you know you're tired when you spell "you're" as "your". (i'm sorry, i'm a dork)

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How can they say no? From my understanding they cherish you....would they realy kick ya out if you put your paw down, saying you need to go for mental health reasons?

Go to Cuba and enjoy the sunshine! You only live 'this' life once kiddo.

Go to Cuba! ::

...sorry somehow I missed your no way out reply....but hey he has enough notice to hire someone....and I hope hes paying you deservedly for your work and dedication sweety?

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