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QotD: 2005-01-24


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How should we get even with Tungsten Gruvsten for posting that pic? (A URL to which I will not provide, so as not to be a part of that crime against all which is good and decent.)

For example, we could duct-tape him to a chair, strap on a pair of headphones, and make him listen to "Helen Reddy: The Vegas Years", over and over and over.

Or, we could send him out on Sarah Brightman tour, as the sound man's gofer/flunky. He'd have to put up with all the music, be at the sound man's bidding, and have no power or ability to make things better at all.

Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Please, do not suggest anything involving physical harm or pain to him...unless you can't come up with anything, in which case feel free to roast him.

Tungsten, your suggestions are also welcome, in the hopes that you've seen the error of your ways, repented, and wish to atone.



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