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Anyone know the BNB tune that mentions Danny K?


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I'm giving extra heady points for anyone who actually knows this, I actually can't recall. There are some classic Danny K stories from the vault over the years. The March Larch has had me thinking of him, one Larch, in July on my birthday I think we got the call from what was supposedly the Allman Bros. late in the night wanting weed. I was all, and everyone was all 'yeah right you were talking to the Allman Bros. on the phone' to Sammy and Danny. But at the last minute I tested the hunch and they were going down in the yellow jeep with the top down to the 360 and sure enough we get down there, I'm skeptical the whole time, there's Warren and Alan Woody (RIP) standing there in the flesh. The guys thought they were ditching me and took Alan around the block in the jeep to sell him a zip or something and they left me with Warren in the parking lot for like fifteen minutes. I think Danny smoked bongs for hours with Alan at the hotel the next day actually.

Anyways what's the Danny K line? Is it from Bump or L or something?

Attributed to Danny K re: Lizard care and maintenance:

Do not feed the lizard raw meat or the lizard will become vicious.
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That is so priceless that you of all people responded - probably from mutherfuggin' Siberia- because I almost wrote 'I'm sure Tenenbaum would give anyone extra heady points' but then I thought you didn't know Danny K, or maybe you don't just the song. Jokes.

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