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island tour


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Hello folks,

I'm wondering if anyone on here has the team hood 98-04-04 island tour dvd and feels like seeding it. There are a bunch of us stuck at 63.4% for weeks now and I've been seeding the other three for almost two weeks but can't get this one.

I can't put the exact link to it right now since I'm at work but if you go to www.thetradersden.org and look down the first page to the torrents needing seeding, it's the last show on the fairly short list.

If you do feel like seeding it, let me know and I'll send the folder structure plus the md5 and txt files if needed (the rest are part of the dvd if you only have copies already burnt) as well as the torrent file.

Or, is there someone on here in ottawa that has a copy of the dvd that I could have so I can seed it for the rest of the folks waiting? I'll supply the blanks, that's cool.

Also, I'm brining the three that I have to the sisters euclid this friday for jakis (hopefully I can get the other one before then to finish the set but good things come to those that wait). If anyone else wants them and are going to be at the show, message me. The three I have take 6 dvd's, 8 if I can get my hands on the missing one before then. It's first come, first serve since it will take me a while to burn all this so I may have to say no temporarily.


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Yes, there are tonnes and tonnes of dvd's of bands (video) on thetradersden.org. I'm seeding the three I have right now for probably about another week but I can't go too long. I'm using a laptop for this and it's been running for over a month with just 3 reboots which I don't think is good for it (it's really hot) but fuck it, share the wealth, so grab them now.

PM me with your email and I'll send you the torrent files or, if you're in Ottawa, I'll be at the sisters euclid show and will burn as many as I can for anyone who wants them. I'm still missing 98-04-04 which I won't have by the show but I will (and will seed) later.

PS: Torrents and cover art available here

(You might need to be a member of tradersden to use the torrents)

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if you have an extra on friday, I'll certainly take one. I'll see if I can burn something interesting as Andre's given me a lot of cool ones in the last while.

one word... OYSTERHEAD!

hey man is there a way to do a BnP or trade for an oysterhead video? i have all 4 island tour, couple good JGB dvds etc etc

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