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Driving to CTMF from Toronto?


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If you're planning on driving to CTMF from Toronto or east I would suggest another route then driving to Guelph (which will add an extra hour to the trip)

I grew up in the area and the fastest way to get there from Toronto is

401 west > 410 north > heart lake road > left onto Bovaird Rd > right on to highway 10 (aka hurontaio) then stay on highway 10 until you reach a little town called MARKDALE (which will take about 2 hours from downtown Toronto) > turn left at the lights in Markdale (the only ones) onto Main st > stay on this road (county road 12) for about 10 minutes > Then you will see the sign for frontier ghosttown on the left side of the road > turn left and enjoy.

Like I said if you drive to Guelph first and go up highway 6 this will add at least 1 hour to the trip.

Here is a mapquest link for Toronto to Markdale

Toronto to markdale via mapquest > then turn left in Mardale and follow that road until you see Ghosttown on the left hand side

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I remember Eric always telling me about this route... and then the last CTMF that was at Frontier Town I used it... and it was great! I was bummed that I'd only learned about it for the last festival there.

I'd been meaning you ask you Markdale fellas about this again. Thanks. See ya this weekend!

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