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Tonight (Thurs) > Blue Rodeo, Jayhawks in T.O


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For all of you folks heading down to the show at the Amphitheatre tonight, it should be a good one. Here are some additional deets...

There is a new start time of 6pm and the line-up is as follows:

6pm - Jim Bryson

6:45pm - Jayhawks

7:50pm - Kathleen Edwards

9pm - Blue Rodeo

I can't wait to see the Jayhawks again... they are an excellent band who I haven't seen them since their CD release for Smile at the Horseshoe ages ago. Looking forward to it. For any Jayhawks fans, they are also on the bill for the Lucinda Williams Oct.13th show at Massey Hall.

A reminder for all concert go-ers as well that the CNE is now open for pre/post show enjoyment.

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Wow... what a show last night!

The Jayhawks were incredible... playing some of my faves from Hollywood Town Hall , Tomorrow the Green Grass , as well as newer stuff from their rave reviewed latest Rainy Day Music. Made me completely excited to see them play in October at Massey Hall. Their harmonies are impeccable. Alt-country goodness at its finest!

I was backstage hanging out with the Jayhawks while Kathleen Edwards played so I missed her set. So I'm partying away back there and who walks in but Woody Harrelson! He was givin'er the whole night. Too funny... its true what they say about him loving his herb! [Wink]

Blue Rodeo were awesome as well. Stunning thing... while they were playing, for ages and ages, there was the most beautiful fireworks display. That, coupled with the panoramic view of the Ex (ferris wheel and all), and the INSANE lightning that carried on for the majority of the performance, made for some sensory overload (in a good way). A beautiful tropical-like storm blew through while Blue Rodeo played an added a mystic element to the whole show.

Awesome night! Well worth the only $20 ticket charge.

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