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What a great week i've been havin!!!!


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Well yesterday my friend sophia(visiting from germany)and I went down to beautiful Nigra falls to spend an exciting day sight seeing. We had the greatest time... The falls was spectacular especially at night. The buterfly musem was pretty intresting ( a first 4 me ), the people were friendly as hell and the fire works at the end of the night topped it all off. I seriously dont have enough great things to say about gracious Nigra Falls! [big Grin]

Today we pack in and head up to the ol' cottage (North Bay area). To spend 5 days basking in the beautiful country side of port loring. Fishing, skining, campfires, oh my! Then to return and play a gig at the spacious Cactus Jax...

Danm Im having fun!!!!!!!! [big Grin][big Grin][Wink]

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Well, Sophia left 4 home last night... and it was soooo sad too see her go. [Frown] Exchanging goodbyes almost made me ill cause its going to be along while b4 i see her again. But 4 the month that she was here I had the best time (in ages). [big Grin] The time we spent together felt like a day and just seemed to fly right by, wich was much too fast 4 me. [Frown] I know im not the most intresting person in the world but she assured me that she had a spectacular time and that she is going to come back to Canada 4 another visit

(Thank you god [big Grin] )some day.

To show her my appreciation, I gave her a gift that would scream how much Im going to misss her... My Classical Guitar... And she gave me a gift she knew i would not accept. Which is why she asked me not to open it until i got home from the airport. If 4 some reason u read this post b4 we talk sophia "U are too f*cking kind".

In conclusion to this post there is really only one thing left 4 me to say......

GERMAN WOMEN ROCK!!! [big Grin][big Grin]

Escpecially German girls that look as good as her in a bikini. Its enough to make u cry. [Eek!][Eek!]

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