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wow. what a weekend.

awesome people - DownTown and a couple a Hamilton sisters made for a good trip... ran into so many friendly faces at the festival i couldn't believe [smile]

so much good music - i was so busy given'r to great bands that i missed other great bands goin on on the other side ---- what can ya do?!?!?!

Top 3:

3. RFASP - really really good set. my second time seeing the band, and i was really impressed. that drummer was great. picked up their cd the first time i saw them, but i don't think it does them justice. check these folks out when you get the chance.

2. GTBus - Yeah - these guys played an excellent show - and pretty well suited to the 'awareness-festival' theme too... they tossed out albums of bands that have inspired them - introduce people to new maybe obscure (?) stuff that way. and later in the set they put on a Billy Ocean tune (Pretty sure that's who it was- - i was diggin it so hard at the time i thought i;d never forget, but it's all a haze now....) anyway - that was great - i think a lot of the crowd was thinking 30seconds of this tune and then back into the bus, but no.... they played it and were groovin to it and loving it. it was sweet too - i thought it was a great idea and really worked. 4 stars for the bus [smile]

1. MMW for real these guys freak out the hardest funkiest jazzin freakness and bring it all back just in time to send you out into orbit again. and this was my impression with the clearest headspace i'd had all weekend. i love these guys - - tell me someone in here knows where i can get a copy of the set!!!

honourable mention: gratefully deadicated sound system --- that dudes got killer quality dead! i couldn't believe how clear and sweet the sound was. perfect way to end a day of partying - dancing or chilling under the stars with some sweet dead - heaven i tell you, pure heaven [smile]

wassabi also got my attention - i have never been a fan of these folks, but their new sound without the marimbas seemed a little more focused and rockin. i'm not saying i'm a fan, but i'm keeping my ears and mind open [Wink]

it was good to see caution jam too - their show in fredricton on the way out was a really good one - they did a killer mr.charlie - i was really hoping they'd pull it out again at evolve, but no luck. their evolve set was also pretty good - you could tell they were giving it their all, having a great time and enjoying themselves - it was good to see a lot of people out enjoying the dead too. some really awesome tunes, a couple of weak ones unfortunately mixed in. sad, stoned me took off fast to make blue quarter's set, but i missed it all. sucker. [Frown]

i'm sure i'm missing lots, but there's a start, anyway. all in all the best weekend i can remember ( [Embarrassed][Wink] ) excellent vibe there.

oh - and how could i forget the swimming hole! photos hopefully to come from Willy - I only got one of them oldfashioned cameras.

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hey....this is the first time i've posted (i think), so, its scott in case you dont know...

anyways, yeah, "willy" and i just got back....the van broke down...glad to hear you had a blast, earthfreak.

definately there were some good moments, but overall, not the best week for me....

Grand Theft Bus was definately awesome, Jimmy Swift stole the crowd, MMW seemed too pissed off to be on a farm in nova scotia at 11am (remember, on their time, they played L.A. the nite before), and i think it showed in their set...surprises? Slammin' Jack caught my attention and made me a fan about halfway thru their set, and the energy from the dj kids for the mark farina set was far and away the livliest.

too much techno for me...my head is reeling....i hope everyone had a great time.

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Yes, we finally made it back. What a nightmare of a trip. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting but I was occupied with trying to keep the van running and making it home. I shot a lot of pictures and I'll start posting them up everytime I get a moment. Thanks for everyone's concern.

Love and peace.

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