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Top 10 talk to much shows


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Have you ever seen Chris Matthews on CNBC? Gad, the guy is horrible. He talks 'way too fast, 'way too loud, and with such emphasis as to make him seem like a ranting nutbar. IMnsHO, he's unwatchable.

You forgot Regis and what's-her-name, though. That show, the hosts, and the people who produce it make me wish Isaac Asimov were still alive so he could write another tale of the Black Widowers*...



* Asimov wrote a series of mystery stories which took place in a private dinner club called the Black Widowers. In each story, a guest is invited to dinner and, as the plates are being cleared away and brandy being served, is asked, "How do you justify your existence?" (The guest then tells a mysterious story, the club members try to work it out, and then the waiter provides the solution.)

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