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Ride to CTMF


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hello all out there in jambandland...

im looking for a little help getting to the Come Together Festival this weekend...im in London, so, if there is anyone from london who is going, or going near london, or whatever, and you have an extra spot in your ride, i'd love to hear from you...thanks...

please email me at scottography@hotmail.com



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i think thats where he self proclaimed himself a 'therapist'.

he apparently talks to youth about their problems. i wonder if he calls the fat ones Krispy Kream eating fatasses as well...

I'd still love to meet that fucker in real life.

oh ya, he threatened us all with taking the last thread about him to his rich ass family's lawyer.

damn straight his dumbass couldn't afford a lawyer, but i'm sure mommy and daddy can help the kid out.

Just a rich punk that deserves about as much respect as he was getting around here...but i think he left finally.

probably out 'assisting' some poor youth of Toronto.

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Hells yea it's Newbold!(i don't mind the u but if you can try to find the umlaut(2 dot accent) use that and let me know how to get the ascii code if you're gonna spell it on the net)

i figured 'scottography' would be you. i'm going to come together on saturday. hopefully i'll have to car full. My only request would be like 5-10 for gas.

it'd be fun to chill again.

433-1733 is ma numba

i'm coming BACK sunday...so if you want to stay you'll have to either hitch or find a ride while there. i doubt you'll have a problem though.


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