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US Congress votes to raid medical marijuana dispensaries

Kanada Kev

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News from the backwards :(

From boingboing.net


Congress votes to raid medical marijuana dispensaries

The US House voted against the Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment, which would have prohibited the feds from busting people for possession of small quantities of marijuana.

To celebrate, the DEA raided six medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, even though the people of California passed a law that allows dispensaries to operate in the state.

Another examples of how states rights only matter to politicians when it furthers their ideological agendas. Link

Reader comment:

Lee says:

I wanted to give you all the full picture of SoCal and the DEA. The following ( here ) was played on the local Pasadena NPR affiliate 89.3 KPCC this morning. It states that 10 clincs were shut down yesterday.

This also does not count an additional two in the Inland Empire region of SoCal which were shut down as recently as 2 weeks ago, I have provided the notices provided to patients through the local Patient Group (of which I am a member).

I'm sure you know, and any copy of next weeks LA-Weekly or The Onion you pick up will prove this doesn't change anything about access to medical pot in LA. and despite the feds we have the support of local legislators.

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